The Sickle Cell adapter enhances a patient's understanding of the disease by providing them with a realistic, visual and hands-on resource.

Kim Reece
Child Life Specialist
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Port-a-cath on MediKin

The MediKin teaching aide is such an effective tool that we are able to discharge our pediatric patients sooner, knowing their parents can de-access the port.

Sue Vasquez, RN
San Antonio, TX


Sickle Cell

Standard MediKin

Standard MediKin (neutral or dark skin tone) is the basic building block to teach virtually any medical treatment area or procedure.

Height: 30" (76 cm)
Weight: 2 lbs (907 g)

Price: $385.00
Sickle Cell Adapter
Sickle Cell Adapter

Head and body adapter set teaches circulation and demonstration of problem areas of condition. Three knee overlays depict blood flow. A normal and enlarged detachable spleen are included.

Price: $435.00
Central Line Implanted Port Adapter Set
Central Line / Implanted Port Adapter Set

Includes internal adapter with an implanted port and an external adapter with a central line catheter (equipment varies). Both incorporate a flush system for simulating treatment procedures.

Price: $345.00
Protective Vinyl Vest

Custom-made Vinyl Vest protects your MediKin's torso while demonstrating cleansing procedures or flushing a central line.

Price: $70.00
IV/INT Adapter
IV / INT Adapter

Exterior adapter simulates an IV access site that connects to flush system.

Price: $120.00
Hematology Teaching Vein
Hematology Teaching Vein
Price: $465.00
Hematology Teaching Bone
Price: $325.00
Central Line Book
BOOK: What's My Line? – A Kid's Guide to Central Lines
Price: $99.00
Facial Expressions Adapter Set
Price: $275.00