Sickle Cell MediKin

The Sickle Cell adapter enhances a patient's understanding of the disease by providing them with a realistic, visual and hands-on resource.

Kim Reece
Child Life Specialist
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Port-a-cath on MediKin

The MediKin teching aide is such an effective tool that we are able to discharge our pediatric patients sooner, knowing their parents can de-access the port.


Sue Vasquez, RN
San Antonio, TX


Sickle Cell

Standard MediKin

Standard MediKin is the basic building block to teach virtually any medical treatment area or procedure.

Height: 30" (76 cm)
Weight: 2 lbs (907 g)

Price: $335.00
Sickle Cell Adapter
Sickle Cell Adapter

Head and body adapter set teaches circulation and demonstration of problem areas of condition. Three knee overlays depict blood flow. A normal and enlarged detachable spleen are included.

Price: $385.00
Central Line Implanted Port Adapter Set
Central Line / Implanted Port Adapter Set

Includes internal adapter with an implanted port and an external adapter with a central line catheter (equipment varies). Both incorporate a flush system for simulating treatment procedures.

Price: $315.00
Protective Vinyl Vest

Custom-made Vinyl Vest protects your MediKin's torso while demonstrating cleansing procedures or flushing a central line.

Price: $35.00
IV/INT Adapter
IV / INT Adapter

Exterior adapter simulates an IV access site that connects to flush system.

Price: $100.00
Hematology Teaching Vein
Hematology Teaching Vein
Price: $395.00
Hematology Teaching Bone
Price: $285.00
Central Line Book
BOOK: What's My Line? – A Kid's Guide to Central Lines
Price: $79.00
Injection Site Adapter
Injection Site Adapter
Price: $100.00
Facial Expressions Adapter Set
Price: $235.00