Central Line Flush

Kid's are less fearful and more in control after playing with a MediKin. They feel that…'If I can do it to the doll, it's okay for someone to do it to me too.'

Verity Kromah, RN
UNC Children's Hospital

Central Line Teaching

The MediKin is the first and only teaching tool I have been able to effectively use with children who have cancer, as well as with their families and classmates.

Beth Stewart, RN
Duke University Medical Center

Neuro-Oncology • Oncology-Hematology

Neuro-Oncology MediKin

Our enhanced Neuro-Oncology MediKin™ has a zippered head that opens to expose a cross section of brain with an ommaya port entering the ventricle area of the brain. 

Price: $695.00
Standard MediKin

Standard MediKin (neutral or dark skin tone) is the basic building block to teach virtually any medical treatment area or procedure.

Height: 30" (76 cm)
Weight: 2 lbs (907 g)

Price: $385.00
Central Line Implanted Port Adapter Set
Central Line / Implanted Port Adapter Set

Includes internal adapter with an implanted port and an external adapter with a central line catheter (equipment varies). Both incorporate a flush system for simulating treatment procedures.

Price: $345.00
PICC Line Adapter
PICC Line Adapter

Includes internal skin adapter with embroidered blue basilic and cephalic veins and red arteries. PICC catheter runs from the arm, along the subclavian vein into the supra vena cava.

Price: $335.00
Central Line Book
BOOK: What's My Line? – A Kid's Guide to Central Lines

Written by Certified Child Life Specialist, Jennifer Gretzema, this book stars Chris, the MediKin™ teaching aide. The book reassures kids and helps them learn about central lines.

Price: $99.00
Protective Vinyl Vest
Price: $70.00
Bone Marrow Spinal Tap Adapter
Bone Marrow / Spinal Tap Aspiration Adapter
Price: $335.00
Sickle Cell Adapter
Sickle Cell Adapter
Price: $435.00
Lymphoma Adapter
Lymphoma Adapter
Price: $405.00
Port Book
BOOK: Why am I ImPORTant? – A Kid's Guide to Port-A-Catheters
Price: $99.00