Hematology Teaching Vein

I can't tell you how many times I am explaining to a child about their infectious disease using these tools and the parent beside them says, 'Holy cow, I finally get it.'

Amy Heron CCLS
Christus Schumpert

Infectious Diseases

Hematology Teaching Vein
Hematology Teaching Vein

The Hematology Teaching Vein features a zippered pouch that holds 15 disks representing the components of healthy blood and the disorders, diseases and viruses that can occur. Vein is vinyl.

Price: $465.00
Hematology Teaching Bone

Fabric bone with zippered opening that holds various character disks to demonstrate blood production in bone marrow and explain blood issues and conditions.
20" (51 cm)

Price: $325.00
Standard MediKin

Standard MediKin (neutral or dark skin tone) is the basic building block to teach virtually any medical treatment area or procedure.

Height: 30" (76 cm)
Weight: 2 lbs (907 g)

Price: $385.00
IV/INT Adapter
IV / INT Adapter

Exterior adapter simulates an IV access site that connects to flush system.

Price: $120.00