Purchasing Partner Ideas

With tighter and tighter budgets, it is often challenging to get the teaching resources you need. Sometimes it helps to find a fairy godmother or godfather to lend a hand.

MediKin™ teaching aides make ideal donation items for service clubs, auxiliaries and even individuals. We've been amazed at the creative partnerships and innovative methods our customers have found to help them fund these special teaching tools...including a radiothon held in a mall and funds from a special foundation started in honor of a victim of 9/11.

We’ve put together some lists, resources and creative tools to help you make your MediKin wishes come true. 


Possible Purchasing Partners


Charity truly does begin at home. Share your needs with your local philanthropic, fraternal and service groups; the list below is just a few of the charitable groups that might be in your neighborhood. 

Kiwanis Eagles American Legions
Rotary Clubs Lions Clubs Fraternal Order of Police
Community Foundations Private Foundations Sororities/Fraternities
Homemaker Groups Ladies’ Aid Socieities 4-H Clubs
Key Clubs Z Clubs/Golden Z Clubs Optimist Clubs
Altrusa Clubs Zonta Clubs Civic Clubs
Church Groups/Organizations    










You don’t have to focus solely on the not-for-profit sector in your community...get to know your area business owners and what causes are close to their heart. Try asking your local radio or television station to host a radiothon or telethon benefit and turn it into an event for the entire community. 



Many hospitals have their own foundations, aid societies or annual fundraising events. The trick is to get included and then let everyone know exactly what the money being raised is funding.

As you well know, showing is always better than telling. We have several tools that you can use to show everyone what makes MediKin™ teaching aides so special.

PHOTOS: You can copy any of our photos off the website to use for your fundraising efforts.

FLYERS: We have a ready-made flyer that you can customize with your specific fundraising information or send us your logo and information and we’ll prepare and email you a high-resolution PDF file of the finished flyer so you can print up multiple copies to handout and post on bulletin boards. 

(Click on the image at the right to view the full-sized flyer.) 

VIDEOS: We also have a couple of videos posted on YouTube that you can share.
MediKin Teaching Aides - A Notable Difference 
Radical Randy Asthma Education Program

One of the most impressive self-fundraising examples we’ve seen is an ongoing virtual toy drive. The staff of this particular children's hospital regularly identifies distraction toys, teaching aids, and medical equipment that will help them in their goals of going beyond traditional medical care. The items are listed on a website and family, friends, businesses and the community can then "purchase" all or a portion of whatever item they would like to fund. (See example below.)



Not everyone can set up their own fundraising website, but thanks to technology some of our customers are doing the next best thing through crowdfunding websites. They are posting their needs online and spreading the word to encourage small contributions from many individuals to fund their needs. There are many crowdfunding platforms available and each has its own focus, set of rules and fees. The ones listed below are some that are geared mainly at nonprofits or individual fund raising. Be sure and read the rules and know how the site works to determine which one might be right for your goals.

indiegogo.com razoo.com gofundme.com fundly.com
plumfund.com crowdrise.com gogetfunding.com  





The resources for grants are practically endless. In fact many of the entities listed above in the Charitable Organization chart may already offer regular grant opportunities. The trick is finding grants that match your goals and needs. 

Grants can basically be broken down to public (government) and private (organizations, foundations, associations, corporations) sources. Public grants tend to have stricter requirements, narrower focuses, rigid protocols and extensive reporting procedures, but the upside is that public grant amounts are often quite substantial. In contrast, private grants can vary greatly in the funding amount, but—as they are usually administered by a small board or group with a personal interest in the process—they often provide much more flexibility and can be easier to apply for and receive. 

When researching grant opportunities, the internet is an invaluable resource. Search for grants and entities with a special interest in health care, education, children or special medical treatment areas. From there, determine the types of things they are currently trying to fund and what they have funded in the past. If you have access to an experienced grant writer, get their advice and help. 

Here are some potential online sources for locating grants. Be sure and read the rules and requirements to determine which one might be right for your goals.

US Sources

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (special focus on underserved populations)

Rural Assistance Center (search by funding areas/topics)

Grants.gov (browse by categories, agencies and eligibilities)

International Sources

Fogarty International Center

International Grant Listings


Legacy Wish List

To further help match donors with recipient, we've created a Legacy Wish List. Click on the link below to fill out the form. We will review and post your needs or donation offers on our website. When we get a match, we will put the two parties in touch with each other.

Click here to post your need or donation offer on the Legacy Wish List.