Standard MediKin

Item #: M100

Standard MediKin is the basic building block to teach virtually any medical treatment area or procedure.

Height: 30" (76 cm)
Weight: 2 lbs (907 g)



With a single Standard MediKin™ teaching aide and a few interchangeable adapters, overlays, and accessories, you can cover a wide range of health and medical topics with your patients and their caregivers or with your staff.

  • height: 30" tall (76 cm)
  • weight: about 2 pounds (907 g)
  • hospital shirt, shorts and slippers included
  • straight brown wig included (curly dark brown wig sold separately)
  • tactile, embroidered features
  • comes with an ”external skin” torso covering MediKin’s pink "interior"
  • constructed of durable fabric that can be sterilized with clear disinfectants 
  • designed for years of consistent use-and hugs-without replacement or repair
  • can be surface cleaned with upholstery cleaner
  • latex-free product

Photo above shows Standard MediKin with the
Central Line/Implanted Port Apapter (A131) and
Curly Dark Brown Wig (X330) - sold separately