Rotationplasty–Amputee MediKin

Item #: M130
Ratationplasty Amputee MediKin

Demonstrates leg amputation and attachment of a prothesis, as well as rotationplasty surgery and how an ankle joint can funtion similarly to a knee joint. MediKin is 30" (76 cm) tall.


The Rotationplasty-Amputee MediKin demonstrates rotationplasty and femor/tibia amputation

  • To show Rotationplasty surgery, the middle section of the leg can be removed, the foot rotated 180 degrees and connected to the upper portion of the leg and then the prosthesis can be connected to the toe portion.

  • To show Amputation surgery, remove the foot section and attach prosthesis to the middle section of the leg.

Teaching System includes:

  • height: 30" tall (76 cm)
  • weight: about 2 pounds (907 g)
  • Removable foot and knee sections that can be detached and reattached
  • Prothesis that can be secured to the knee section or the toe portion as needed
  • hospital shirt, shorts and slippers included
  • straight brown wig included (curly dark brown wig shown is sold separately)
  • tactile, embroidered features
  • comes with an ”external skin” torso covering MediKin’s pink "interior"
  • constructed of durable fabric that can be sterilized with clear disinfectants 
  • designed for years of consistent use—and hugs—without replacement or repair
  • can be surface cleaned with upholstery cleaner
  • latex-free product

The Rotationplasty/Amputation MediKin™ can be used with all Legacy adapters, overlays and accessories.