Preemie MediKin

Item #: M140
Preemie MediKin Teaching Aide

Weight balanced and proportioned to simulate a preemie. Appropriate for parents and siblings as well as staff development to show proper holding, positioning and care techniques.



By popular request, we have redesigned our Preemie to appear even more lifelike and added perfectly-sized adapters (each sold separately) to expand your Preemie teaching possibilities. With the adapters you can demonstrate oxygen and endotracheal tube access, Ostomy sites, tracheostomies, umbilical catheters, G-Tubes, venous access, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) feedings and more.  (Medical equipment is not included.)

Each Preemie MediKin is constructed of soft, durable fabric with embroidered details and is weight balanced and proportioned to simulate a preemie.

Preemie MediKin (adapters sold separately)

  • 15 inches long (38 cm)
  • Arms, legs and weighted head exemplify the need for supporting appendages
  • Used to demonstrate proper holding, handling, positioning and care techniques
  • Appropriate for parents and siblings, as well as for staff development
  • Knit cap and booties included (color and pattern may vary) 
  • Preemie diaper included
    (Not for use with standard MediKin adapters and accessories)

Preemie project collaborator:

Lendy Chapman, CCLS

Arnold Palmer Medical Center, Orlando, Florida USA


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