Asthma Education Program with Radical Randy™

Item #: M150
Astham Education Program with Radical Randy

Program includes Radical Randy, Animated Radical Randy Teaching Program DVD, Camp RAD Instructor’s Guide, Asthma Teaching Props, and Vinyl Carrying Case.




Radical Randy™ Asthma Education Program

Radical Randy™ is the MediKin with asthma. 

  • height: 30" tall (76 cm)
  • weight: about 2 pounds (907 g)
  • comes dressed in shirt, shorts and tennis shoes
  • features tactile, embroidered features, ribs and airways


  • Asthma Education Program includes:
    - Radical Randy™ Asthma MediKin
    - Camp RAD Asthma Instructor's Guide
    - Camp RAD Animated Radical Randy Teaching Program DVD (English & Spanish)
    - 2 Facial Adapters
    - Magnifying Glass & "Mucus"
    - Activity Tool Box with props and 39 laminated visual aids for Instructor's Guide interactive exercises
    - Carrying Case 

Constructed of soft, durable fabric with embroidered details, Randy's rib cage opens to reveal lungs, healthy and inflamed airways, plus removable, inflatable bronchioles. In the unaffected bronchiole, healthy airflow can be demonstrated. In the affected bronchiole, airway inflammation, bronchoconstriction, mucus accumulation and their relation to symptoms and medication compliance can be shown in age appropriate ways. 


This program is based on the award-winning Camp RAD curriculum. In clinical trials the use of the Radical Randy™ MediKin and the Camp RAD program reduced teaching time, captured children's attention, and increased their knowledge and retention. Our customers have reported that adding Radical Randy™ to their asthma management programs have helped them teach children as young as one year old and contributed to as much as a 92% decrease in ER and hospital visits and nearly an 80% decrease in missed school.


Radical Randy Asthma Education Program