Preemie Central Line Adapter Set

Item #: P050
Preemie MediKin with Central Line Adapter

Preemie Central Line Adapter Set - internal adapter with embroidered heart and supra vena cava access hole; external skin adapter with catheter access hole.




Preemie Central 
Line Adapter Set

This set is perfectly sized for use with our Preemie MediKins. It includes an exteranl skin adapter with a catheter access hole and an internal adapter that provides a peek into exactly how and where a Central Line is placed inside the body. It can be used to show venous access or to explain Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) feedings.


The internal adapter features a realistic embroidered heart diagram and a supra vena cava access hole to allow realistic access demonstrations with a central catheter. (catheter not provided)

Adapter fits both the redesigned Preemie and the former Neonate MediKins. 

This adapter is designed for the Preemie MediKin only and will not fit standard-sized MediKins. 

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