Burn Care Adapter Set

Item #: AP127

An adapter set to demonstrate burn severity, skin grafting, tissue expansion, bandaging and compression clothing. (MediKin sold separately)



Burn Care Adapter Set Includes:

  • Photographic Burn Severity Overlays - fabric photos of actual 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree burns
  • Tissue Expansion Adapter -port, bulb pump and stretch fabric simulates skin tissue expansion
  • Contracture Adapter - for treatment of burns in joint areas
  • Compression Garmets - top, bike shorts and arm/leg band set (NOTE: garment patterns may vary)
  • Clear Vinyl Face Mask - for facial burn care
  • Bandage Set - Xeroform, Mepilex and Aquacel
  • Simulation Overlays representing:
    - Donor Site
    - Skin Graft
    - Healed Sheet Graft
    - Meshed Skin Graft
    - Healed Meshed Skin Graft
    - Integra

Developed in collaboration with:

Jose P. Sterling, MD
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Jolyn D. Schmerse, CCLS, CTS
Child Life Specialist
Parkland Health & Hospital System

Rebecca Parmenter, MS, CCLS
Child Life Specialist
Shriners Hospital - Boston

Laura Vance, CCLS
Child Life Specialist
Shriner's Hospital for Children - Galveston