Suture PlayKin Pocket Pal

Item #: PK50
Child-sized Suture PlayKin Pocket Pal

The NEW Suture PlayKin™ pocket pal lets child play through the process of threading sutures through the skin and tying them off.  


The best way to to reduce a child’s fears and help them understand something is to let them try it out for themselves.

That is just what our new Suture PlayKin™ pocket pal does. It is made from a durable, tablecloth-type canvas so it can be easily cleaned and disinfected with clear infection control products as needed. The cuff can be placed flat on a tabletop or wrapped around a child’s arm to demonstrate the suturing process.

The fabric is beige on the outside to represent the external skin and red on the inside to represent the internal portion of the body. A set of five black vinyl laces (provided) can be threaded through the holes in the cuff to simulate suturing an incision or wound. The laces are made of soft plastic so children can play through the process of threading them through the skin and tying off each suture.

NOTE: The Suture PlayKin is not a MediKin Adapter and should not be used on the MediKin™ Teaching Aides.