PlayKin™ Pocket Pal 5-Pack Bundle

Item #: PK55B

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PlayKin™ pocket pals are child-sized teaching tools that help a child play through getting sutures or an IV.



5-Pack PlayKin Bundle - Choose 5 PlayKins for 1 Great Price!

The best way to reduce a child's fears and help them understand something is to let them try it out for themselves. 

That is just what your PlayKin™ pocket pals do. Made from durable vinyl canvas, they can be easily cleaned and disinfected with clear infection control products as needed.

Please note your choice of  PlayKins™ (IV-PK60 and/or Suture-PK50) at checkout in comment section or notify us by phone or email.

NOTE: PlayKins are designed for use on a child's arm or on a tabletop. They are not MediKin Adapters and should not be used on MediKin™ teaching aides.