IV PlayKin Pocket Pal

Item #: PK60
IV PlayKin - front and back

NEW IV PlayKin™ pocket pal provides child a quick "hands-on" demonstration of the process of starting and caring for an IV.


The best way to to reduce a child’s fears and help them understand something is to let them try it out for themselves.

That is just what our new IV PlayKin™ pocket pal does. It is made from a durable, vinyl canvas so it can be easily cleaned and disinfected with clear infection control products as needed. 

The IV PlayKin™ is double sided. The back side can be used to discuss tourniquet placement on the arm and then show how to feel for the veins. Two “veins” can be felt inside the PlayKin™ pocket pal.

Then the PlayKin™ can be turned over to demonstrate IV Insertion. On the front side of the PlayKin™, one “vein” is exposed for easy insertion of the IV catheter (medical equipment not included). This allows you to show how an IV catheter is inserted, how it works and how it is maintained. If desired, medical tape may also be used on the PlayKin™.

NOTE: The IV PlayKin is NOT a MediKin Adapter and should not be used on the MediKin™ teaching aides.