Camp RAD Asthma DVD & Instructor's Guide

Item #: X240
Camp RAD Asthma DVD & Instructor's Guide

The award-winning Camp RAD asthma curriculum guide & animated DVD help children understand asthma, triggers and prescribed treatment so they can take an active role in their asthma control.


DVD & Instructor's Guide in Both English & Spanish

Radical Randy™, the MediKin™ with asthma, stars in this animated DVD. Randy helps a group of kids at the famous Camp RAD asthma camp understand asthma and what triggers it, how to avoid the triggers, how to use their prescribed medications to control their asthma and how to prevent exercise-induced asthma. The DVD follows the step-by-step award-winning asthma curriculum developed and tested by the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. Through animation and real-world examples, the program presents the abstract concepts of asthma in such a way that children can easily grasp them.

An ideal tool for use in asthma camps, primary care settings, school-based clinics and children's hospitals; this program has proven successful in reducing emergency room visits and hospitalizations, as well as encouraging children to take an active role in controlling their asthma. Approximately 23 minute DVD.

DVD Contents:

Class 1 What is Asthma?
Class 2 Peak Flow Meters
Class 3 Early Warning Signs
Class 4 Asthma Triggers
Class 5 Understanding Your Asthma Medications
Class 6 Preventing Exercise-Induced Asthma

(DVD and Guide are included with the ADVANCE Asthma Education Program or can be purchased separately)