Cystic Fibrosis Overlay

Changing teaching topics is as easy as switching adapters.

Cystic Fibrosis Affected Airway Overlay

Central Line Adapter

Includes actual medical equipment showing how the Central Line is inserted into the supra vena cava.

Lymphoma Adapter Set

Illustrates lymphatic system and incorporates beads to simulate enlarged lymph nodes.

Liver Transplant Adapter

Includes internal skin adapter with embroidered graphic of intestines, liver, stomach and heart.


Interchangeable adapters, accessories, and overlays are what make the Legacy MediKin™ medical teaching aides unlike any other in the world. With a single MediKin™ and a few accessories, you can begin teaching a wide range of health and medical topics. And you can always add additional products as your teaching needs and competencies change.

Legacy adapters are ruggedly constructed from durable latex-free materials and are soft to the touch. Each adapter is individually sewn in the USA with an outstanding attention to detail.

Some of our adapters even incorporate actual medical equipment. Our products have been developed and field tested with experts in clinical nursing, child life, staff development and education. They are designed for many years of consistent use without replacement or repair.