Our Accessories compliment Medikins and Adapters and include books, carrying cases, vests and more.

Bone Appétit Book
BOOK: Bone Appétit – A Learning Activity All About Bone Marrow
Price: $89.00
Central Line Book
BOOK: What's My Line? – A Kid's Guide to Central Lines
Price: $99.00
Port Book
BOOK: Why am I ImPORTant? – A Kid's Guide to Port-A-Catheters
Price: $99.00
Spanish Port Book
BOOK: Why am I ImPORTant? – In Spanish
Price: $99.00
PICC Line Book
BOOK: Why PICC Me? – A Kid's Guide to PICC Lines
Price: $99.00
Spanish PICC Book
BOOK: Why PICC Me? – In Spanish
Price: $99.00
IV PlayKin - front and back
IV PlayKin Pocket Pal
Price: $130.00
MediKin Storage/Carrying Case
MediKin Storage/Carrying Case
Price: $130.00
Protective Vinyl Vest
Price: $70.00
Child-sized Suture PlayKin Pocket Pal
Suture PlayKin Pocket Pal
Price: $130.00
Medikin Warm Up Suit Set
Warm-up Suit and Shoes
Price: $80.00