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MediKin™ teaching aides make ideal donation items for service clubs, auxiliaries and even individuals. We encourage you to share your needs with your local groups, plus you can add those needs to our online Wish List. Benefactors are also encouraged to post donation offers to the Wish List as well. 

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If you have an interest in filling someone’s wish in the chart below or would like to make a donation offer contact us or complete the form below. 
Legacy Wish List — N E E D S
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Children's Clinic

This facility already has a few Legacy 
MediKin™ products, but needs to expand
their program so children throughout
the clinic can "play through" their
hospital experiences with a trusted
Child Life Specialist, and so patients and
families can beter understand a diagnosis
and the needed medical treatments.
Donations of any or all items on this
wish list will help make a real difference
for children and their families.
1 - Standard MediKin $335
1 - Neuro-Oncology MediKin $595
1 - Rotationplasty-Amputee MediKin = $385
1 - Hematology Teaching Vein = $395
1 - Hematology Teaching Bone = $285
10 - Bone Appétit Activity Books @ $69 = $690
10 - What’s My Line? - Central Line Books @ $79 = $790
10 - Why am I ImPORTant? - Port Books @ $79 = $790
10 - Why am I ImPORTant? Books (Spanish) @ $79 = $790
10 - Why PICC Me? - PICC Lines Books @ $79 = $790 
Total Amount:  $5,845

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA                      
Children's Hospital

Radical Randy Asthma Education Program
and Accessories
Total Amount:  $1,675


PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA                              
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford

1 - Standard MediKin $335
1 - Spina Bifida Spine with Myelomeningocele $325
1 - Chiari Malformation Adapter $100
1 - Shunt Adaptor $110
Total Amount:  $905 with shipping

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND                              
Children's Center

Standard MediKin with Shipping                        
Total Amount:  $335


WESTERN NEW YORK                                       
Children's Hospital

Standard MediKin
C-Line/Port and IV/INT Adapters
Protective Vinyl Vest with Shipping                   
Total Amount:  $820


Joliet Junior College: Pediatric Nursing

Advance Radical Randy Asthma Program
with Shipping
Total Amount: $1,730

The pediatric nursing students at Joliet Junior College
utilize play therapy 
and teaching with their patients in
the community and in the K-6 grades. 
Many children we
encounter have asthma and this would be fabulous for
students to teach about asthma.




Legacy Wish List — D O N A T I O N   O F F E R S
Offer             Offer Status

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN                         

Want to donate a Standard MediKin in
honor of our daughter who is currently
battling cancer and has seen first hand
how they can help you get through it.

Donation Made
June 2014

Children's Hospital

Neuro-Oncology Medikin and
Multiple Adapters, Overlays, Books 
& Accessories      

Wish Granted
April 2014


Childhood Asthma Home Education
(Assesment/education in 5 cities)

Adv. Radical Randy Asthma Program

Wish Fulfilled
April 2015


YULEE, FLORIDA                              
Brave Like Branson, Inc.

The Brave Like Bronson program teaches
school-age children how to respond to and
embrace children with special needs. Their
wish is to start with a MediKin and G-Tube
Adapter, then add other adapters in the 
future for in-class demonstrations that let
children interact with the MediKin to
better understand their fellow classmates.

Standard MediKin and G-Tube Adapter

Wish Fulfilled
August 2015
Mohawk Valley Health System

Standard MediKin with Shipping         

Preemie MediKin + Basic Adapter Set
with Shipping                        

Wish Fulfilled
October 2016 




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