Legacy MediKins in the News

January 2019 
MediKin Featured in You Tube Video

Child Life Services at St. Louis Children's Hospital use a MediKin teaching aide with a Port Adapter to help patients understand exactly what a port is and how to care for it. The MediKin can be seen at 1:30 in the video.

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August 2016
MediKin Sighting in You Tube Video

We spotted a MediKin in this "All in a Day's Work" video from American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. The MediKin is midway at 3:03 in the video.

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July 2015
Children's Hospital YouTube Video (El Paso, Texas)

See how a Certified Child Life Specialist in Texas is using the MediKin® program to comfort and educate 2-year-old Nena and her Mom as Nena undergoes treatment for leukemia.

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November 2014
FOX News Channel 8 (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

At Brenner Children’s Hospital, Child Life Department Manager, Cindy Mahan and her team use various techniques—including a MediKin® teaching aide—to help Alex, a 9-year-old who is recovering from a car accident that severed his spinal cord. 

MediKin Models Innovative Product at Boston Children's Hospital Global Innovation Summit

We were excited to spot one of our MediKin teaching aides modeling a CareAline® C-Line chest wrap at the 2014 Boston Children's Hospital Global Innovation Summit on October 31st. Part of the Global Summit included a Shark Tank-style product pitch by pediatric medical innovators competing for $30,000 in funding. Click on the photo to see a video of Shark Tank's own Daymond John awarding CareAline one of the top prizes. Congratulations CareAline, we're thrilled to be part of your team!

    Click here to find out more about CareAline's innovative products.

Health Matters Segment from NBC-2 (Fort Myers, Florida)

Lee Memorial Health System adds Radical Randy™ Asthma MediKin to their asthma management program and successfully expands their program to younger children age 1-5 with phenomonal results (92% decrease in hospital admissions/ER visits).


November 25, 2013
NBC - The Today Show "Segment on St. Jude's 10 Year Thanks and Giving Program"

MediKin Spotted

In a segment on St. Jude's holiday fundraising campaign, we caught a glimpse of a young patient working with a MediKin.


June 23, 2013
"Beyond kids’ stuff"

Richmond, Indiana
Newspaper (Front page article)

An indepth article on MediKins, locally made teaching tools that help children perceive medical complexities.



June 20, 2013
P-I Live! Weekly Live Talk Show
Legacy Products and MediKin™ Teaching Tools
Richmond, Indiana

The first 35 minutes of the June 20th P-I Live Talk Show features the story of Legacy Products including how and why they were developed, how they are used and how new products are produced.


April 15, 2012
CBS - The Good Wife "Pants on Fire"

MediKin Spotted

As Mike Kresteva (played by Matthew Perry) announces his campaign for governor to the media, a photo of his kid who had cancer is shown. In the picture, the child is holding a very early Legacy MediKin™ teaching aide.

February 29, 2012
KTBS 3 - Shreveport, Louisiana - Healthline

Amy Heron, CCLS, at CHRISTUS Sutton Children’s Medical Center talked about the Child Life program and her collaboration with Legacy Products in the development of the MediKin™ Hematology Teaching vein. 

January 17, 2011
SouthPark Magazine - The Charlotte Observer (North Carolina)

Child Life Specialist, Sharon Green, uses MediKin to help kids Cope with Cancer at Levine Children's Hospital.


November 2010
NBC News Channel 11 (Atlanta, Georgia)

NBC News in Atlanta ran a terrific story about six-year-old Grace who was waiting for a heart transplant. With the help of Child Life Specialist, Stephanie Dill and a MediKin named Charlie, Grace bravely faced her fear of having a chest tube and 'living without a heart' for a few minutes.

September 2010
YourHoustonNews.com (Houston, Texas)

Thanks to funds raised at a benefit event, Memorial Hermann - The Texas Medical Center adds Neuro-Oncology MediKin teaching doll and multiple teaching adapters to their program for patient, parent and family education.



April 2010
FOX News Channel 26 (Houston, Texas)

Fox News in Houston featured Child Life Specialists Molly Moore and Breanna Hopkins at the Texas Children's Hospital as they prepared their little patient, Emily, for her upcoming procedure. After seeing the MediKin go through the same process she was about to undergo, Emily said that she did not see anything scary about her hospital visit nor was she really afraid of needles. If the MediKin could handle it, she could too.